#7 Best Budget 4k Tv 2024: Advantages and Disadvantages, Reviews

Our measured daily routine is habitually replenished with more and more advanced technologies. The turn came to televisions. Now they are accompanied by a mysterious note about Ultra HD resolution. So, many are increasingly interested in the question of inexpensive but good 4K models.

Of course, the selection of the diagonal from reasonable considerations of the size of the room does not stand aside either. Everyone is eager to learn about all the benefits of a new round of technological development and how to choose the right UHD TV.

LED backlighting has become commonplace for a long time, so no brand dares to reject it. And in the bag with it, a huge number of the latest developments significantly improve the quality of the picture and give a delightful image as a result. Moreover, you no longer have to endure the braking “thinking” of the commands given by the TV. The new, fast GPUs handle the highest quality movies without even a hint of delay. A number of basic criteria will help you choose the best 4K TV:

Distance diagonal. Until now, this issue remains relevant. The point is in calculating a suitable diagonal in such a way that the purchase organically fits into the interior of the room and displays the picture as clearly as possible.

This is a very important parameter that should be taken into account based on your needs because the user does not always use the entire list of inputs/outputs that the model has.

Helpful additions. Nowadays, advanced brands “stuff” their developments with everything that is necessary and not entirely necessary. In most cases, users do not even use these bonuses, and they do not even know about others. Obviously, this greatly affects the cost, therefore, you should clarify in advance about all the nuances so that you do not have to overpay.

Comparative table of technical characteristics

This roundup brings together the best UHD TVs that are in the highest demand among consumers.

Sony KD-55XF9005 54.6 ″ (2018)

The unit pleases with stunning image quality, which is quite comparable to its cost. The sleek, ultra-thin design looks really expensive. Of the shortcomings, users in their reviews highlight the average sound quality, which is not entirely acceptable for this price segment.


Amazing picture quality;

Ultra-thin design;

High quality build.


Not particularly impressive sound quality for the specified price range.

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Hisense 54.6-Inch Class H8 Quantum Series Android 4K

The screen pleases with a clear, maximally realistic image. Surround sound and thoughtful interface make the model one of the most popular on the market today. Moreover, a full immersion effect is available. With its sleek design and seamless bezel, the TV fits neatly into any setting.


Affordable price;

Full immersion effect;

Intuitive interface;

Surround sound;

Nice appearance.


The remote control does not differ in functionality;

3D content cannot be viewed.

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TCL 32-inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV (2019)

The model is one of the cheapest, but it has a number of tangible advantages. So, first of all, the playback and rewinding of 4K content is noted without delays. Matrix without glare, which makes the operation process much more pleasant. Good viewing angles allow you to view videos from any position. There is a possibility of finalizing files of lower resolution to make them more pleasing to the eye. Among the shortcomings, the blue light is noted, which shines very brightly when the system is in standby mode. There are also complaints about difficulties with connecting a Bluetooth headset.


Very low cost;

High-quality 4K playback;

Good matrix;

Acceptable viewing angles;

The ability to modify files.


Shines too brightly in standby mode;

Sometimes the bluetooth headset won’t connect.

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Samsung 43″ and SAMSUNG 85-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series – 4K UHD HDR Smart TV (2020)

The brand has been occupying a leading position in the production of 4K TVs for a long time. The model is one of the cheapest UHD options offered by the company. Naturally, at such a price, one should not expect anything outstanding even from the design. Nevertheless, the unit pleases with its pleasant appearance. We can safely say that the product does not look as cheap as its counterparts.

It should also be noted that the top and sides are relatively thinner than the bottom. When making the back panel, only plastic was used. A standard table-top stand is responsible for the stability of the structure. As for the remote control, it does not differ from the previous variations. With the viewing angle, everything is also pretty standard, which under certain circumstances degrades the image quality. This decision was made in order to save money.


Nice appearance;

Insignificant thickness;

Good stability.


Viewing angles are not particularly impressive.

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TCL 50-inch Class 4-Series 4K UHD Smart Roku LED TV (2021)

Users praise the picture quality for little money. The TV does a great job with 4K content. Nice appearance allows it to fit neatly into the interior. The device will be useful not only when using it in UHD quality, but also for gaming. When it comes to connecting to the phone, there are some difficulties here, according to consumer reviews. It is far from always possible to do this, and if it does, then with great difficulty.


Excellent picture quality;

Nice design;

Suitable for gaming;

Affordable price.


It is very difficult to connect to the system via a smartphone.

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Philips 50″ 4K Android TV, 50PFL5766/F6

The model belongs to the development of the “entry” level. The stand is formed by a pair of strict-shaped legs, which are located closer to the edges of the TV screen. Despite the simplicity, as the manufacturer characterizes his creation, the unit looks truly elegant, fully justifying its cost. The developers have made a number of recommended settings that will help bring the picture quality to the ideal.

The thoughtful level of brightness makes it possible to reproduce HDR content much more interesting than on other TVs in the corresponding price range. The matrix used in the model provides high contrast, but at the same time has more restrained viewing angles than analogs. Accordingly, when viewed from the side, some loss of color saturation will be noticeable, as well as a “watery” image. A semi-matte coating is responsible for blurring the glare, which does its job perfectly.


High-quality backlighting;

Decent level of contrast;

Anti-glare screen is provided;

Elegant design.


Quite modest viewing angles;

Unusual channel setup.

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LG 43UP8000PUR Alexa Built-in 43″ & LG OLED C1 Series 65”

The model is one of the cheapest from the brand with a corresponding diagonal. At the same time, the manufacturer guarantees a high-quality picture with the appropriate sound. It also promises smooth playback of 4K content in real-time with upscaling. In developing the product, the company applied its best technologies. Real-time image enhancement is provided by a quad-core GPU. The picture is bright, rich in colors and high detail, making dynamic scenes look truly epic.

The viewing angles are simply gorgeous. This allows for excellent viewing of the image, regardless of location. As for the appearance, the product looks exquisite. The frame around the matrix is ​​completely made of metal. High-quality plastic was used in the manufacture of the back and the casing. The unit can be installed on the plastic feet that are included in the package, or it can be wall-mounted. In terms of sonic performance, it should be noted that Dolby Digital sound enhancement technology is responsible for the immersive effect.


Acceptable cost;

The use of proprietary technologies that significantly improve the quality of the picture;

Great sounding;

The well-thought-out menu is simple;

The ability to control from a smartphone and using voice commands;

The use of quality materials in the manufacture;

Nice design.


Matrix backlash is observed;

The remote control does not have a button to quickly switch between sources.

LG 43UP8000PUR Alexa Built-in 43″ Check Price

LG OLED C1 Series 65” Check Price

How 4K TVs differ from standard TVs

4K screens are implemented in UHD TVs with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. Thus, Ultra HD outperforms the former leader of Full HD by almost 4 times. This is because 4 times as many pixels are reproduced. The difference in the picture is visible immediately, so you certainly won’t have to compare such models with standard ones. It should be noted right away when the difference between 4K / UHD and 1080p / HD is most noticeable:

  • If the distance between the viewer and the screen during viewing is small;
  • TV diagonal exceeds 50 inches;
  • The image is well detailed.

With all this, one should not forget that not all representatives of the latest TVs will surpass models of other formats in terms of image or sound transmission. Thus, when choosing this type of product, it is necessary to take into account all parameters, without exception. Thanks to their advanced features, UHD TVs are more expensive. However, both its advantages and disadvantages stand out here.


High definition of the image makes the picture as realistic as possible;

Serials and films from the Internet are reproduced in the best quality;

Such TVs will become excellent “companions” in the game, significantly improving the displayed picture;

Due to the resolution of 4K models, you can view photos and videos from the latest SLR and digital cameras, which record images in large format;

The normal image can be adapted to the user’s preference in 4K;

A huge number of useful options;

Synchronization with other devices.


It is not easy to find content on the Internet of appropriate quality;

It is impossible to watch old films in high resolution;

If we are talking about a budget model, then its technologies can quickly become outdated;

The use of LED technology makes 4K TVs inferior in color rendition and contrast to plasma panels;

When comparing the cost of a UHD TV to a standard model with the same features, the difference is immediately apparent.

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Thus, the acquisition of this miracle of technology is justified either when the user has the material resources for the subsequent purchase of high-definition films, or with a guarantee for the future, when all channels and films/series will switch to this format.

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