Best Fleetguard fuel filter for 6.7 Cummins

This post will discuss the best Fleetguard fuel filter for 6.7 Cummins. Using these filter teams as prescribed will increase your car’s performance and allow you to operate the car better.

If you use the fuel filter properly and service the car regularly, your car will be more usable and you will be able to manage the work better.

Here is a list of all the types of filters you can see from here and make a purchase of your choice.

List of the Best Fleetguard fuel filter for 6.7 Cummins:

Cummins Filtration Fleetguard FS43255 Fuel Filter + Water Separator Check Price
Cummins Filtration Fleetguard FS20089 WaterFuel Filter + Water Separator Check Price
Cummins Filtration Fleetguard FF63009 (Cummins 5303743) Fuel FilterFuel Filter Check Price
Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins Diesel Fuel FilterFuel Filter + Water Separator Check Price
Fleetguard Separator FS1065Fuel Filter Check Price
Fleetguard LF3894Fuel Filter + Water Separator Check Price
AirDog Pre-FilterFuel Filter Check Price
Fleetguard Fuel Cartridge Filter FF5369WFuel Filter Check Price
Fleetguard FF2200, Fuel Filter, for Cummins ISX EngineFuel Filter Check Price
Fleetguard FF5488 Fuel Filter Check Price
Fleetguard Fuel Filter Secondary Part No: FF5776Fuel Filter Check Price
List of the Best Fleetguard fuel filter for 6.7 Cummins

Cummins Filtration Fleetguard FS43255

Fleetguard FS43255

Fleetguard FS43255 fuel filter is so effective that it can filter most debris from minute particles to large paint particles and even rust.

Amazon has received very good reviews of it. Sales are comparatively much better.

It will take you a very short time to install if you are very experienced, it may take you 15-20 minutes. And even if you are not an expert, you can setup it a lot but may take a little longer.

  • Service for RAM Trucks 2010 up with Cummins 6.7L engine
  • Physical Dimensions: Height (inch) : 5.53 ;O.D. (inch) : 4.22 ; I.D. (inch): 1.56
  • Replace: Cummins 4947561 Dodge 68065608AA

Check Price

Cummins Filtration Fleetguard FS20089 Water

The fuel filter is new to the market and is the most updated fuel filter on the market that allows you to properly filter your car’s fuel and express your car’s engine.

The quality of their fuel filter is very nice and they always dominate the quality. This is one of the best mid-range products on our list.

  • Fuel Separator For Dodge 68197867AA
  • 99.9 Emulsified
  • Free Water Separation
  • 1″D Class 2B Thread
  • 14 Thread/Inch – 5.504″H x 4.248″OD

Check Price

Cummins Filtration Fleetguard FF63009 (Cummins 5303743) Fuel Filter

Cummins Filtration helps to ventilate which reduces the cost of operating your equipment. Fuel filters use StrataPore and NanoNet technologies. This allows the fuel to be filtered properly.

This fule filter provides a complete line of fleetguard transmission filters and fluid analysis equipment.

  • NanoNet Hi Performance Filtration for Cummins B/L Series Engine
  • 2x Contaminant Holding Cap
  • Best Protection and Longer Fuel System Life (Pack of 6)

Check Price

Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins Diesel Fuel Filter

Dodge Ram 6.7L fuel filter costs a lot more but compared to this filter you can afford it if your budget is low. If you can’t find a good fuel filter, this will be perfect for your car. This will increase your mileage a lot and keep engine performance normal.

This fuel filter is different from the analog and is designed for a diesel engine. Inside this fuel filter, advanced quality paper is used. This is a 6.7L Cummins fuel filter.

  • Original Italy Ahlstrom 3 layers filter paper
  • Made of synthetic fiber
  • Results in 99% higher efficiency at 4 micron
  • Higher filter rating than 5 or 10 micron filter,
  • Effectively separate oil and water
  • Protects your vehicle’s fuel system from contaminants, such as: dirt, rust, and paint particles;
  • The imported material from Italy has a filtration efficiency of 99%
  • 3 layers,results in higher dust holding capacity than ordinary 1-2 layers

Check Price

Fleetguard Separator FS1065

This fule filter under Fleetguard filter Products line offers the widest range of replacement filters for tractors, combines, ATV and heavy duty equipment.

  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Cummins Filtration
  • Largest OD: 93.73 mm (3.69 in) Overall Height: 248.67 mm (9.79 in)

Check Price

Fleetguard LF3894

Each fuel filter depends on its own multiplication and its working capacity is much higher than that of any fule filter. It is built with a little more working capacity.

Check Price

AirDog Pre-Filter

Fuel filters filter all the fules properly and then send them to the engine and this will prolong the performance of your engine.

  • Filter retainers need to be removed from the base.
  • The retainers are only needed for Airdog filters.
  • AirDog Pre-Filter WS100
  • Fuel Filter FF100-2 Combo Pack

Check Price

Fleetguard Fuel Cartridge Filter FF5369W

The unique design makes it easy to filter the fule. If you can apply this filter to your transport then good performance can be expected in your car.

  • End 1 ID 16.76 mm (.66 in)
  • Overall OD 97.03 mm (3.82 in)
  • Overall Height 178.56 mm (7.03 in)
  • Replaces FF5278, FF5314, FF5315, FF5369
  • For Upgrade, use: FS1029W, FS19536
  • Volvo part number 85105574. Replaces Volvo 3099158

Check Price

Fleetguard FF2200, Fuel Filter, for Cummins ISX Engine

  • Largest Od 97 Mm (3.819 In)
  • Overall Height 228.19 Mm (8.984 In)
  • Compatible With Vehicle Type: Truck
  • Product Type:Fuel Filter

Check Price

Fleetguard FF5488

Fleetguard FF5488 Fuel Filter For Cummins 3959612, 98.7% Efficiency, 5-Micron Rating, 7/8-14 UNF-2B Thread Size, 6.92″H x 3.68″OD

  • Largest OD 93.47 mm (3.68 in)
  • Overall Height 175.77 mm (6.92 in)
  • Thread Size 7/8-14 UNF-2B
  • Cross to: Cummins 3959612
Check Price

Fleetguard Fuel Filter Secondary Part No: FF5776

Fleetguard Fuel Filter FF5776 fuel filter is so effective that it can filter most debris from minute particles to large paint particles and even rust.

Check Price


If you want to do well in the performance of the car, you have to determine a good fuel filter. You can determine the best-performing Fuel Filter. If you have read this post in a completely correct way, you will get the best Fuel Filter if you determine anyone from here. So it will be much better in your car performance. – If you want to know more about this, please comment below and let me know how you like our post.

10 Parts to Check Before Buying a Car

An aftermarket car is always a lottery. Even visually intact, an entire vehicle can surprise a new owner unpleasantly. To prevent this from happening, you need to follow simple procedures.

Auto check

This point is the most important when it comes to buying a car on the secondary market. No matter how ideal the car may be, before inspecting it (and at the same time the owner for whom the car is registered), you need to check all the bases – from insurance to the bases of bailiffs. Many cars on the “secondary housing” are sold with restrictions on registration actions, with arrests due to debts.

Dealers and unscrupulous owners keep silent about these problems, and after registration, they change phone numbers – and all the difficulties fall on the new owner. If a car with minimum mileage makes its way into the database like a car after an accident, then it is better to refuse such a purchase right away. If everything is in order with the legal purity of the car, then you need to deal with its technical condition.

Changing the engine oil and flushing

engine, cars, speed, automotive, workshop, vehicle, engines, automobile, motocross, wheels, car

The first and most important step before which you need to find out what kind of oil the owner poured in before the sale. What the owner says, you need to check with the data of the plant – if they differ, then before changing the oil, you will have to fill the engine with flushing.

It will remove traces of old engine oil from cylinder walls and other parts before refilling with engine oil. You should not save on the brand and quality – the better the engine feels, the calmer the new owner will drive.

Changing the oil in the gearbox

It is believed that the factory recommendation for changing the oil in an automatic or manual transmission is 100 thousand kilometers. Conscientious owners violate this rule and change the oil in the automatic transmission or manual transmission every 50 thousand kilometers.

Transmission oil often needs to be changed if the car is subjected to frequent loads or has undergone major tuning. For sharp and fast driving, it is recommended to change the engine oil every 40 thousand kilometers.

Repair and replacement of automatic transmission

The golden rule of buying a car in the secondary market is to budget for the purchase either more money in order to find a car that is younger and with low mileage, or the same amount, but for repairs. By the way, about the latter: if everything is in order with the engine, then the automatic transmission (the vast majority of cars are sold with it) may fail literally the next day.

If, after starting the car in the passenger compartment, there are incomprehensible vibrations, and when the Drive mode is turned on, the car starts off with a barely perceptible shock, then you need to urgently go to the service. The price of the issue is from several thousand to several $160 Dollars. Replacing an automatic transmission is not a cheap pleasure, but a contract transmission can be cheaper than repairing an original one.

Conversion collapse and the cost of safety

After each repair of the suspension or steering system, wheel alignment must be done. Much depends on how correctly the wheels are adjusted to the position of the body, first of all – the safety of the car.

The correctness of the camber-convergence is checked on a special computer stand, but you need to keep in mind one important detail right away: unscrupulous drivers are trying to save money and often do not carry out this procedure after repairing the suspension or replacing rubber. The price of the issue is not high – depending on the region, it can cost from $20 to $34.34 dollars.

Generator repair

It is easy to identify this malfunction even at the stage of buying a car. If a characteristic metallic hum (which appears mainly during a cold snap) is heard from under the hood after starting, it means that the generator requires attention. The most common malfunctions are wear of the alternator belt, wear of bearings or diode bridge, failure of the winding. Repairing a generator is simple and inexpensive – from $20, depending on the car model.

Repair and refueling of air conditioners

Checking the climate system is the first thing to do, and preferably before buying a car. If the air conditioner does not cool the passenger compartment as needed, it may be necessary to refuel the air conditioner. It is filled with freon, a gas that, during a chemical reaction, takes heat from the air. The procedure is inexpensive – from $7 Dollars, depending on the type of freon and its amount. If after refueling the problem persists, then it may be necessary to repair the evaporator or electromagnetic clutch, as well as the air conditioner roller. The latter breaks down unpredictably and is not cheap – from $70 for budget cars to $700 for luxury foreign cars.

Replacing the radiator


The cooling system is one of the weak points of most modern cars. The ingress of dirt, dust, and stones will lead to cracks in the radiator and leakage of antifreeze. If there are spots of an unknown liquid under the front bumper of the car early in the morning and these spots do not exactly look like oil, then most likely this is antifreeze leaving the radiator or a branch pipe that is cracked nearby. When replacing this part, it is better not to pull – if the motor overheats, metal parts can change geometry, then the engine will have to be thrown away.

Catalyst removal

If the car suddenly stopped driving and accelerates noticeably worse than the passport data, then the problem may lie in the catalyst. It is expensive to buy a new “filter” for engine exhaust gases – just a manufactured catalyst for a budget KIA Rio costs about $400 Dollars. Removing it costs less – just three to five thousand and a couple of hours of work. In return, the car service technician will install a “snag”, or a flame arrester. You can look for a car service in which the removal of the catalyst is done for free – the servicemen usually keep the spare part for themselves. Inside the catalyst, there are many expensive metals, on the processing of which decent money is earned. If you hand over the catalyst to the collection point after removal, you can earn $40-$210.

Firmware, chip tuning, oxygen sensor, and lambda probe

Reprogramming the engine control unit (this procedure is also called “firmware” change, chip tuning) is the next step after removing the catalyst. Usually, along with this procedure, one of the oxygen sensors is turned off, the so-called. Lambda probe. If the previous owner of the car has already gone through this procedure, congratulations. The car has become less environmentally friendly, but it is guaranteed to emit exhaust gases without delay, and therefore, “breathes” much easier.

Windshield replacement

Cracks in the windshield are a reason for a good bargain. For budget cars like the KIA Rio, there is a chance to find aftermarket parts, but more expensive cars may only need the original. The price of the issue reaches $200 dollars, and in the case of expensive SUVs or sedans – up to a couple of $14 dollars. An attempt to save money on replacing the windshield will not lead to anything good – it will either burst completely, or it will not be possible to pass the inspection.

Replacing engine gaskets

If traces of fogging are visible on the engine, then this is another reason for bargaining. Replacing the valve cover gasket or the valve cover itself can cost a lot of money, especially when it comes to German cars. For Audi and Mercedes sedans, the bill can go for $60 for a spare part and work on its replacement.