#10 Best Computer Monitors 2022: Advantages and Disadvantages, Reviews, Cost

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Computer technology continues to develop rapidly every year. Some users prefer to purchase ready-made sets of products right away. Others find it more convenient to assemble a computer on their own. This is dictated not only by considerations of the economy but also by the desire to customize the system as much as possible for … Read more

#7 Best Budget 4k Tv 2022: Advantages and Disadvantages, Reviews

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Our measured daily routine is habitually replenished with more and more advanced technologies. The turn came to televisions. Now they are accompanied by a mysterious note about Ultra HD resolution. So, many are increasingly interested in the question of inexpensive but good 4K models. Of course, the selection of the diagonal from reasonable considerations of … Read more

#10 Best Xiaomi TVs: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Best Models

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The company started its start with large diagonals. They, despite their large size, are lightweight. This is due to the use of high-tech materials. These include polycarbonate, metals, and composite alloys. The LCD panels are designed in accordance with the manufacturer’s concept. Everything is in the style of minimalism with the use of rough plastic … Read more

Rating of Top 7 best rear view cameras: which one to choose, pros and cons, reviews

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A rearview camera is a device that helps to protect the car from accidental mechanical damage while parking or driving in traffic jams. On sale, you can find various types of cameras that differ from each other in the type of matrix, resolution, and sensitivity to light. In this article, we’ll talk about the best … Read more

Why add brakes to the tank, what is “Liquid I” and does the antigel spoil the diesel fuel equipment?

Mopar Fuel Filter

Have you ever wondered what happens to an engine when anything other than fuel gets into it? We’re talking about a diesel engine – it’s winter! For example, additives, or, as previously advised, kerosene, or even brake fluid … And what, it’s with glycol, and that absorbs water, and the brake does not freeze! To … Read more

The Best LED Headlights of 2022

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Best LED Headlights: Currently, LED lamps are trying to completely replace the “classic” halogen/xenon lamps from the car design. And the reason for this was not only their reduced power consumption. Among other things, they are much resistant to vibration and shock, do not require frequent replacement, which is expensive in road conditions. Moreover, they … Read more