8 Best Rubber Floor Mats for Cars and Liners

Every car’s most important material i s the floor mats. For this reason, you have to choose the best rubber floor mats. Car rubber floor mats protect the carpets from dirty shoes, moisture, spilled liquids, and damage.

Snow and rain water always adds extra moisture to the interior of the car. Now in the car automotive market, moisture-absorbing wipes and blankets are offered for a penny. Not turning the interior into a swamp. The Car floor mats makes cleaning in the car easier and faster.

Car floor mats comes for different materials, different sizes, universal and specific brand vehicles with different additional features.

Cons of Mats

  • Severe cold weather does not imply the possibility of “spending the night” in the car mats. The ability to absorb moisture during long-term parking in the cold turns the mats into pieces of ice. If the driver was inattentive, as a result of which the mat got off, hitting the pedals and freezing, then it will be difficult to get under way – first you will need to pick out the frozen accessory.
  • It is generally a bad idea – apart from the hot season – to leave the carpets in the car overnight. Many manufacturers warn that after a trip, the mats must be removed from the car, rinsed, wrung out, cleaned and only then used again. For many, it is easier to throw out a penny rug and lay a new one.
  • Some of the mats are fire hazardous, and the ashes falling from the cigarette can ignite them in a matter of seconds if they have not previously collected moisture.

The way floor mats help

  • First, they protect the upholstery of the floor from contamination, abrasion and wetting.
  • Second, they harmoniously complement the look of the interior.
  • Third, they serve the convenience of the driver while driving, providing reliable support on the legs.

How to the successful purchase

Now it remains to choose products by size, price, configuration. There are some simple tips.

Rugs like a glove! For them to fit perfectly in shape and size, it is not necessary to buy original models from your car manufacturer. There are many firms that produce analogues in compliance with the exact configuration of the floor of specific brands of machines. For example, the manufacturer Novline makes them from sketches based on 3D design. Therefore, car floor mats have precise geometry, coinciding with the original, and fit perfectly into the interior of cars of such famous brands as Audi, BMW, Hyundai, Ford, Kia and others. The assortment includes kits for common models, taking into account their year of manufacture. Of course, you can choose universal products, but then you should carefully measure so as not to trim the edges.

The set is more profitable! Products are sold, as a rule, in 2 or 4 pieces per set. For most drivers, car floor mats under the front seats wear out faster, so only these can be replaced. But if you want to transform the whole salon, it is better to take a set of 4 pieces – back and forth. By the way, for those who often carry goods in the trunk, a mat on the bottom of the luggage compartment is useful. Buy it right away so you don’t have to buy it separately later.

Don’t put off buying car mats for tomorrow! Order them now in our online store. It is easy to choose the right products on the website: use the form of selection by the make and model of the car, and the system will automatically find the appropriate option. Make an order and receive the goods in a way convenient for you. May the interior of your car be clean and comfortable in any weather!

Best Rubber Floor Mats for Cars

Here we will discuss about up to 8 rubber floor mats in a good way, this will help you a lot in shopping.

Motor Trend 923-BK Rubber Floor Mats for SUV

This product is most popular, everyone used Motor Trend 923-BK. There are many benefits to this product –

  • Waterproof, dustproof, fireproof, slip-proof.
  • Pedal design improves driving safety.
  • Five PC pads fit perfectly into a five-seater vehicle.
  • It fits almost all five seats in a left-hand drive vehicle.
  • One-stop production, easy to clean with towels, beautiful and comfortable, always keeps the car clean.
  •  Front (30″ L x 21.5″ W) Rear (58″ L x 18″ W)

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Armor All 78840ZN Rubber Floor Mat

Armor All 78840ZN model 3 color available on Amazon. High quality Waterproof, Dustproof, Explosion-proof, Skidproof. Pedal design improves driving safety. 4pcs floor mats ideal for car seats.

Almost suit for 4 seats left-hand and right-hand drive car. One step is done, easy to clean, towel, nice and comfortable, always keep your car clean.

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Amazon Basics 3 or 4-Piece

These rubber floor mats are suitable for use in almost every car. The rug called “Moisture” is made of spun-bond nonwoven fabric, fluff cellulose, superabsorbent, waterproof film, and PVC mesh.

The design feature of a rigidly fixed shape with a mesh located on top allows you to collect dirt from the soles of shoes, dust, leaves, debris. Water passes through the mesh and is held securely inside. According to the manufacturer, the mat can absorb and hold up to two liters of liquid.

The accessory for the car is indispensable during snowfall, off-season and in case of high air humidity. The use of a mat allows you to preserve the floor covering and greatly simplifies cleaning in the car, while protecting the shoes and the floors of clothing from getting wet.

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Motor Trend DualFlex All-Weather Rubber Floor Mats for Car

It’s can be used in almost every vehicle, easy to install in your cars. This is a low-price best product in the Automobile market. In terms of its ability to absorb moisture, the rug is an absolute favorite! The mat is made of a two-layer modern non-woven fabric with good moisture retention properties and an absorbent fiber core.

The advantage of the rug is its versatility. It collects particles of dust, sand, absorbs moisture, reagents, any salts, cleans the soles of shoes from residues of oil refining products, maintaining its working properties all year round.

The downside of the rug is the mesh on its surface, which is unacceptable for an auto lady with heels. It is easy to catch on the sides of the sections, which can lead to an accident. But here either heels, or moisture in the cabin …

The product requires regular cleaning by wringing, due to the speed of drying, the efficiency of use increases.

The product resembles a flexible elastic lattice of a fixed shape, which allows not only to protect the mat from mechanical defects, but also to sufficiently clean the soles of shoes from adhered snow and dirt.

The mesh surface is always laid up inside the rubber “trough” of the main mat, or the mat can be applied on its own.

Due to its flexibility, the shape of the mat turns out to be universal for most cars.

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FH Group F11305BLACK

FH Group rugs, moderately absorbent, made of viscose and polyester. The rugs do not slip, do not get confused, and do not tend to hide behind the pedals. Replace the mat only when it no longer effectively collects moisture.

Floor mats make life easier for the driver. cleansing the interior of water, reagents, dirt; protecting the heels from abrasion of the leather on the rubber coating; protecting clothes and shoes from getting wet.

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FH Group Black F11311BLACK

Reusable mat that effectively protects the floor and floor covering from corrosion and dirt. It shows excellent results in snowfalls and rain. It collects dust and sand, absorbs moisture and reagents, fuel residues from shoe soles, salt.

The structure of the product consists of three layers:

  • The first one is made of spunbond, which perfectly absorbs moisture.
  • The second, with absorbents, retains moisture in a volume of up to one liter and does not allow it to evaporate inside the car.
  • The third, lower layer is made of hydrophobic spunbond, which prevents moisture from spreading outside the protective mat.

The manufacturer guarantees a five-year shelf life. By its structure, the rug is such that, contrary to the manufacturer’s assertion, it will have to be changed often, so it is better to stock up on large packs of rugs. It is necessary to lay the product with a pattern upwards so that there is a water-repellent layer below.

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FH Group F14408BLACK Universal Fit Carpet Floor Mat

An unpretentious medium-sized polyethylene / non-woven mat, interlaid with cotton wool mixed with gelatinous granules. The repeated use is not announced – the replacement of the rug must be done upon getting wet soap, water and air dry.

It is proposed to lay the rug under the regular rug or lay it on top of it. Under the standard rubber mat, it will last longer, protecting the fabric upholstery of the bottom of the passenger compartment from accidental leaks.

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FH Group F14403BEIGE Beige Carpet Floor Mat

Our list is its last floor mat product. FH Group F14403BEIGE asymmetrical design contains moisture-permeable and moisture-retaining layers, between which the granules collect water, turning into a gel during operation.

The lowest leak-proof layer is made of polyethylene. The product looks like a one-time use, although its cost claims the opposite.

The gel swells very much and the thin outer membrane breaks easily. When purchasing such a rug, be careful not to clean the interior of sticky granules later. The working area of ​​the mat is able to swallow almost 400 ml of water at a time.

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Operating principle

  • Absorbent accessories are good protection for your car floor from moisture and dirt. Mats are made of synthetics or natural materials containing airlaid, a granular substance that turns liquid into a gel in a matter of seconds, preventing it from seeping out.
  • The absorbent has the property of multiple absorption and release of liquid, allowing multiple uses of mats, although they are considered disposable.
  • A number of moisture-absorbing accessories do not have such capabilities, but they are able to retain reagents, and due to the synthetic moisture-absorbing fabric, the mats can be washed using them repeatedly.
  • In most designs, a laminated layer insures against leakage, specially created in such a way that the bottom of the car mat remains dry, keeping moisture inside itself. Therefore, when purchasing a product with an absorbent effect, always read the instructions to put it right side up and understand when to change.
  • Mats made of pile textiles are good at picking up moisture. However, such products are poorly washed and dry for a long time, and it is not recommended to put them in the salon wet, therefore it is better not to purchase them as moisture-absorbing ones.
  • The main measure of the usefulness of car mats is the ability to absorb water, as well as resistance to mechanical damage.

New solutions to known issues

  • Resistant to temperature extremes ranging from -50 to +70 ° C,
  • Do not have an unpleasant odor when heated,
  • Two times lighter than rubber analogs,
  • Are distinguished by hygienic and environmental safety,
  • Are resistant to aggressive effects of chemicals, gasoline, solvents,
  • Do not dry out and do not crack,
  • Do not lose elasticity even in frost.

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