Household store can replace expensive car chemicals

Many car owners did not think about how much money is spent annually on the purchase of car chemicals. Any foam, shampoo, rag, and polish is not cheap at all, but despite this they continue to be bought, faithfully believing in the miraculous result after application.

But as practice shows, there is nothing supernatural in these funds, and on any of them, there is a penny analog. That’s why we made a list of alternative chemicals from a regular hardware store.

For drives

The product for cleaning auto disks is truly a universal remedy. It not only removes bituminous and oily stains from discs but is also used to clean plastic and carpet. Few people thought that such a tool is no different in composition from the usual cleaner for kitchen ovens. Such a tool also gets rid of all these problems but costs 3-4 times cheaper.

Napkins for plastic surfaces

New-fashioned wipes for professional plastic cleaning have already captivated the attention of car owners. However, ordinary alcohol-free wet wipes can clean torpedoes and panels no worse. The difference is only in smell and price, which varies almost ten times.

Auto mechanic gloves

Black soft gloves, in which it is so convenient to assemble and disassemble auto components, are 3 times more expensive than ordinary gloves for painters, of exactly the same quality, but only in white.


Any car shampoo costs three times more than a regular dishwashing detergent, although it is no better. But if the dishwashing detergent does not suit you, then the body is perfectly washed with a floor cleaner, which foams well and rinses off easily.

Brushes for cleaning car body surfaces

Now we will reveal the terrible secret of car marketers. There are no professional brushes for cars, there are ordinary household brushes that are sold with a mark-up under the guise of “special” for cars. If you pay attention, they all have the same shape and differ only in color, size, and pile.

Car Skin Cleaner

An expensive tool for leather cases can be replaced with milk or micellar water to remove makeup. It also removes dirt and dust well, while not drying the skin of the covers. And do not worry that the skin will dry out and begin to crack.

Glass cleaning

An alternative to a professional tool will be a spray for cleaning mirrors from a hardware store. The effect is the same – the price is different.

Microfiber towels

Car towels are most often sold in a set of different sizes, and car owners have adapted them to a variety of needs. But who thought that they cost three times more than ordinary microfiber towels, which every housewife has in the kitchen. So when caring for a car’s interior, you can get by with just two products from the kitchen, rather than take a few special expensive products.

What is the result?

And as a result, you can notice a huge difference in the price of the above set. Similar funds will cost 500-600 dollars, while the same kit from a car shop will be 5 times more expensive. Naturally, household chemicals are not suitable for professional care, but in order to maintain the car in a neat condition, it is quite possible to avoid going to the car shop, instead of going to a regular household chemistry store.

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