Fastest car charger for android, iPhone, tablets, and other gadgets from Amazon

Best USB car charger for smartphones: The most proven and high-quality branded car chargers with a good discount. All devices are checked, tested, and deliver the declared currents. The selection includes chargers up to 6 Amperes (up to 45 watts with support for QC4.0 / PD3.0 fast charging).

Choose compact, functional, with extension cords or FM modulators depending on your requirements.

1. Auto Charger USB Baseus With FM Transmitter

The most popular smart car charger for smartphones with a built-in FM transmitter and speakerphone. via Bluetooth 4.2.

Remembers up to two phones. The frequency of the transmitter is adjusted using the buttons on the device. Navigation through MP3 content is available from the buttons (it plays MP3 / WMA / Flac / Ape formats).

By the way, this auto-charging is played from a USB drive (USB stick) inserted into a USB drive. Additionally, it displays the voltage of the onboard network.

The price is more than modest for such functionality ($ 10). More than ten thousand orders and positive feedback !!!

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2. Auto Charging USB Maxboost

Maxboost Auto Charger is one of the best USB car chargers. This is a cheap branded charger from well-known manufacturers Maxboost with honest characteristics for only $ 3 and at the same time high-quality, with reliable short circuit protection.

The heat dissipation is realized by means of an aluminum jacket. Supports fast charging according to the QC3.0 / PD standard, and there are also USB-A and USB Type-C outputs (for modern phones and the new iPhone standard). Powered by 12V-24V.

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3. Auto Charger USB Baseus 65w

The most powerful USB car charger for smartphones and tablets – high-quality Baseus 65w / Outputs up to 6 Amperes of current to both USB-A and USB Type-C outputs, each output outputs up to 12V / 20V / 2.25A.

Supports charging QC4.0 / QC3.0 / PD / AFC / SCP / FCP / MTK-PE for modern Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, iPhone, including iPhone with the new standard. The built-in indicator displays the voltage of the onboard network, USB, and current consumption. Available in Russia at the Moscow warehouse.

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4. Auto Charger USB Bralon 44w

Original Bralon Dual USB car charger of the second generation with fast charging 44 W (according to the QC 3.0 standard). Provides a maximum of 5V / 3A or 9V 2A per port.

The body is completely metal. Suitable for modern Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, iPhone, Oppo, Vivo. Built-in overcurrent protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, electromagnetic interference protection.

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5. Baseus Auto Charger With Extension Cord (4 USB)

Convenient Baseus car charger with 1.5m extension cable. The portable unit can be fixed on the panel with tape, which can be convenient for minibusses, or pulled back for passengers.

This car charger has multiple USB outputs with a total current of up to 5.5A. The location of the charging ports – one on the unit itself, three more on the external unit.

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6. Auto Charging Ntonpower With Extension Cable (6 USB QC)

And this is a more thoughtful option, slightly better than the previous one. NTONPOWER car charger with 1.8 m extension cable.

There are 5 USB ports in total, including a QC 3.0 fast-charging port. Features include a removable clip for attaching, for example, to the rear seat covers.

On the external unit, there are 3 USB connectors (with QC 18 W), and on the unit itself, there are a couple more. The charger is of high quality, I have been using this for the second year.

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7. UGREEN Auto Charger With Cigarette Lighter

60W car charger from Ugreen. Of the features, I will note the through-slot for the cigarette lighter, that is, charging will not take up a useful socket. Operates with the voltage of the onboard network 12V – 24V.

Built-in overcurrent protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, electromagnetic interference protection, fuse. Supports USB3.0 fast charging.

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8. Auto Charger COYZA 3.1A

A high-quality charger from COYZA is a compact and powerful auto charger for phones in a metal shirt. There are two USB outputs – one with support for QC 3.0 fast charging.

Operates with the voltage of the onboard network 12V – 24V. The total output power is up to 18W (5 volts and up to 3.4 amperes). Built-in protection against short circuit, overvoltage, temperature protection. Maximum length 54 mm.

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9. UGREEN Dual USB Auto Charger With Cigarette Lighter Splitter

Car charger with cigarette lighter splitter from Ugreen, famous for its high-quality gadgets. This car charger is equipped with two USB outputs (up to 24W).

Operates with the voltage of the onboard network 12V – 24V. Each of the cigarette lighter outputs has a separate switch, which is extremely convenient for controlling and powering gadgets, for example, navigators and recorders.

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10. Auto inverter 200w (4 USB / Cigarette Lighter / 220V)

A useful car inverter that converts from 12V DC to AC 220V. The power of the converter is 150 W, there are additionally 40 W for four USB connectors.

An additional outlet for the cigarette lighter is provided so as not to occupy the socket. One of the USB ports comes with QC3.0 fast charging. Available in Russia. The lot has two versions – with an indicator and with a display.

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