Rating of Top 7 best rear view cameras: which one to choose, pros and cons, reviews

A rearview camera is a device that helps to protect the car from accidental mechanical damage while parking or driving in traffic jams. On sale, you can find various types of cameras that differ from each other in the type of matrix, resolution, and sensitivity to light. In this article, we’ll talk about the best rearview cameras and take a look at the main criteria for a good buy.

Rating TOP 7 best rearview cameras

We made a selection among a large number of camera models in terms of image quality and design reliability, thanks to which the following models were included in the rating:

  • AVIS 311CPR (433954).
  • Incar VDC-002 (408002).
  • AutoExpert VC-214 (393348).
  • XPX T204-1.
  • AMP MA-108A.
  • Garmin BC 30.
  • SWAT VDC-007 C.

Let us dwell in more detail on the listed positions.

AVIS 311CPR (433954)

The device has gained great popularity due to the CCD matrix, which provides high sensitivity to light. Combines two modes: direct and mirror. The minimum illumination at which the camera works well is 0.1 lux. Delivers high-quality images in all conditions.

Recently I decided to make my life easier and buy an accessory for my car – a rearview camera. In the store, among a large number of models, I liked this one due to its appearance and high-quality image. The husband installed the camera quickly and did not encounter any difficulties. The camera works properly in all circumstances and weather conditions. Even at night, in complete darkness, objects and their contours are perfectly distinguished. With the help of the camera, you can park easily and quickly.

Incar VDC-002 (408002)

The model with a mortise-type design has a budget price tag. Inside there is a high-quality matrix with a high resolution, thanks to which it is the best among most competitors. The matrix is ‚Äč‚Äčlarge and is able to capture a lot of light, thanks to which, in practice, contrasting images are obtained at any time of the day.

The miniature model doesn’t get much attention on the bumper and is almost invisible. Attaches easily and securely with a standard mortise design. I liked the quality picture and video. I think a model is a great option for such a budget price. It does an excellent job of all major responsibilities and provides an opportunity to avoid accidental collisions.

AutoExpert VC-214 (393348)

This model has a large number of functions and combines them internally at a budget cost. The main element in the design is a high-resolution CMOS matrix.

My husband decided to make it easier for me to drive and installed a rearview camera in the car. Easy to manage and control by means of a special panel. It has a wide viewing angle, which is a big plus. Absolutely everything is visible through it: small and large objects, obstacles. It is not striking and perfectly disguises itself on the bumper. I liked the new thing and I will be happy to use it.

XPX T204-1

The flush-mounted camera has a wide viewing angle of 150 degrees. The recordings are broadcast in the analog PAL and NTSC standards. Parking-type markings are provided, assuming installation in the center. Most often, the camera is installed in the bumper next to the parking sensors. Performance does not decrease at low temperatures.

I liked the attractive camera for its simple design. The presence of diode backlighting came as a real surprise to me. At night, it looks impressive and complements the taillights. The installation is idle and I handled it on my own. Parking markings help in the work. With their help, you immediately understand how best and how to put the car in the parking lot. In the wintertime, I made a discovery for myself when I learned that the camera works with low temperatures and does not lose image quality.


The presented model is an alternative to flagship devices. Equipped with IP68 certification, which means it is resistant to fire and water. Thanks to the CDD type matrix, the device has good sensitivity to light – 1 lux. The work supports color systems and a wide-angle lens.

I have been looking for a budget rear-type camera for a long time in order to install it in a car. Such a device allows you to speed up and secure the parking process. In this model, I liked the thoughtful protection against moisture and dust. A high-quality matrix copes with the transfer of images and has a high sensitivity to light. Due to this feature, the camera is allowed to be used at night. The device has many certificates confirming the degree of suitability for use.

Garmin BC 30

Provides the user with ample opportunities in work and allows you to easily and correctly park the car. This possibility is real due to the presence of parking marks. They represent lines and help the driver to better navigate in space and parking.

Dad installed a rear-view camera on the car especially for me, because sometimes I have a poor orientation in space and waste a lot of time on correct parking without accidents. Separately, I would like to note the presence of special lines showing exactly how to put the car in and out of the parking lot. The control of the device is clear at an intuitive level. I immediately figured out all the modes of operation and started using it. Now driving has become much easier, especially parking in congestion of a large number of cars. I am completely satisfied with this camera and would recommend other users to try it.


The color camera has high sensitivity, which makes it easier to see at night. The model has a high stability mount, for which you need to make a hole. Because of this installation, many users carry out the installation directly on the plafond of the car license plate.

I saw this camera in an advertisement on the Internet and became interested in buying it. I have no problems with parking, but during heavy traffic, there is a lack of confidence in driving and a fear of touching something outside. To protect the car from unnecessary damage, I decided to buy a camera. I installed the numbers on the plafond and connected them to the screen on the front panel. Now I can always see what is happening behind me. Thanks to the camera, I can confidently keep in any stream and not be afraid of collisions, since they can be easily avoided. I think a model is an excellent option for a very budgetary cost.

Comparative table of characteristics

Based on the previously described rating, we have created a table containing the main technical parameters of the models listed in it.

Best lists
Given a large number of models in stores, we decided to make a list of the best in the following three categories:

  • Best price.
  • High-quality shooting.
  • Widest viewing angle.
  • Let’s start a detailed acquaintance with the sections.

Best price

The PRIME-X RMCM-19 has good sensitivity and therefore operates with 0.2 lux illumination. Inside there is a CCD-type matrix with a resolution of 648×488 pixels. The noise and signal are in relation to the flagship models. Provides moisture protection and multiple parking marks.

High-quality shooting

ALPINE HCE-C200R has the best sensor, thanks to which the camera creates high-quality images and videos. Has a wide viewing angle and emits a low noise level during operation. Works with a minimum illumination of 2 lux. The complete set has a remote control type.

Widest viewing angle

ALPINE HCE-C2600FD is supplied to many stores on behalf of the popular electronics brand. It has a large number of advantages that justify the high cost of equipment. The image is reproduced in high widescreen quality, which allows you to create MultiView technology. It broadcasts various modes that produce video processing.

What to look for when choosing

Before purchasing a rearview camera, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following parameters:

  • Weather conditions of use. There are models on sale that can continuously and efficiently work in severe frosts, rain, windy weather with dust. If you select a camera in accordance with its properties and the user’s climate, then it will last much longer without breakdowns.
  • Place of installation. It means bumper and number plate illumination. You should choose based on your own preferences.
  • Light sensitivity. This parameter is understood as the ability of the camera to clearly distinguish objects in the dark. The best is 0.1 lux.
  • The reproduced image must be inverted mirrored, because during parking, the driver is guided by the rear-view mirrors with the same properties.
  • Parking lines make it easier to understand the distance to an object. Their presence will make the use more comfortable and understandable, and also make parking faster.

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