Best Winter studded tire rating

High-quality winter tires provide good handling at low temperatures. They can differ in rubber hardness, number of studs, tread depth. A special rating will help to choose the best tires 205 55 with radii 15 and 16.

Attention! The actual question is how many spikes there are on R16 winter tires. One running meter of the tire accounts for 50, that is, only 96. In some cases, exceptions are possible, for example, on Nokian rubber 190 spikes.

Pirelli ice zero 2

ICE ZERO ™ 2 is a studded rubber from the Italian company Pirelli, designed for premium cars. The number of studs is 190. They are positioned to provide good traction and reduce noise. Thanks to the use of double-cored studs (DUAL STUD), it provides better traction and shorter braking distances on ice. RUN-FLAT ™ technology ensures increased safety, which allows you to continue driving in the event of a significant loss of tire pressure.

Attention! Pirelli Ice Zero rubber is in the rating of winter studded tires due to the following characteristics – low noise, good handling, improved braking on wet and dry asphalt. However, Ice Zero 2 tires do not perform well in a snowy slurry.

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Bridgestone ICE CRUISER 7000S

Bridgestone ICE CRUISER 7000S tires (Japan) are manufactured using modern technologies. They perform well on snowy roads and slippery surfaces. An advanced drainage system with two annular channels increases aquaplaning resistance. Improved stud protection against falling out guarantees excellent traction on icy surfaces. The reinforced carcass of the tire is durable and resistant to mechanical stress. V-shaped tread pattern improves traction on snow and directional stability at higher speeds. Also one of the advantages of Japanese tires is low noise. The disadvantage is the possibility of snow clogging the tread.

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Nokian Tires Hakkapelitta 8

Hakkapeliitta 8 is a winter tire from the Finnish company Nokian, distinguished by its complex composition and manufacturability of studs. It copes well with snow, ice and slush. Studs are evenly distributed over the entire tread area for improved traction. Good handling and safety are maintained throughout the life of the rubber.

The main properties of Nokian Tires Hakkapeliitta 8 tires are:

  • Optimized tread pattern;
  • Paired protector;
  • Modern anchor tires;
  • Moisture-wicking 3D slats;
  • Brake boosters;
  • Soft outer shell.

High quality, acoustic comfort, low fuel consumption, improved grip on snowy roads – all this makes Nokian Tires Hakkapelitta 8 one of the leaders in the winter tire rating.

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Toyo observe g3 ice

Toyo Observe G3 ICE is a premium rubber for passenger cars that have been produced by the Japanese company Toyo since 2013. It is excellent for the climatic conditions of North America, Northern Europe, and the Russian Federation. Among the features of the studded rubber, it should be noted the improved distribution of the studs and the Toyo Microbit technology (studs with the addition of walnut shells), which provides better grip. The rubber complies with the rules of the Scandinavian Tire and Wheel Manufacturers Organization (STRO). Soft rubber compound provides high elasticity at low temperatures. The main disadvantage of tires is the hum when driving on the highway.

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Nokian Nordman 7

The Nordman 7 is a winter tire from the Finnish manufacturer Nokian. Improved traction efficiency is provided by modern technologies: anchoring and Air Claw technology. The Nordman 7 tires are among the quietest, thanks to the cushioning and bear claw technology. The spikes are distributed in such a way that reduces their number and reduces the noise level. A well-thought-out system of 3D-sipes ensures high stability and controllability. Tires perform well on snow and ice, as well as on wet road surfaces.

Attention! The Nordman 7 model has similar parameters to the Hakkapeliitta 7 – tread pattern, studs, sipe arrangement. The main difference lies in the quality of the rubber compound. The Nordman 7 is simpler and cheaper.

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Yokohama Ice Guard Ig65

Which rubber is better to buy? Japanese Yokohama Ice Guard Ig65 tires are budget models for a wide vehicle fleet. The rubber compound has a porous structure, which improves adhesion properties and shortens the braking distance. The tires can be used on passenger cars and off-road vehicles. Suitable for driving on asphalt and off-road. They are characterized by improved drainage systems with wedge-shaped grooves, reinforced cords, high-quality rubber compounds. The reviews note good directional stability, durability, wear resistance, moderate noise, and an acceptable cost. Of the minuses of Ice Guard Ig65 tires, there are problems with handling when driving on icy roads.

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Michelin X-Ice North 4

The French spike tires Michelin X-Ice North 4 R15 are among the leaders in the winter tire rating. The tires have an increased number of studs – 250, which provides excellent grip on ice. The studs are made of iron-based alloys to resist chemical and physical stress. The spikes are positioned to minimize noise. Michelin X-Ice North 4 tires excel in shallow snow, but flotation decreases when driving in deep snow.

Attention! The rating of non-studded winter tires includes the Michelin X Ice 3 line. They are developed according to the “APS: Adaptability” system, which allows you to fix the position of the car on the road. A studless winter tire test confirms shorter braking distances and improved acceleration on ice.

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Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9

The Finnish company Nokian has been producing rubber for cars and trucks since the 1980s. It occupies the top position in the ranking of tire manufacturers. Hakkapeliitta 9 tires meet strict quality criteria – tire behavior on the road, cornering stability, noise, and vibration levels in the passenger compartment while driving. The rubber compound is made from environmentally friendly components that remain elastic at low temperatures. In the central part of the tread, there are octagonal anti-skid studs that provide good acceleration and braking dynamics. The tires are equipped with wide slots (Deep Snow Boosters) for driving in deep snow. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta is one of the best winter studded tires, but the disadvantage is the high cost.

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Hankook Winter i * Pike RS2

Hankook iPike RS2 (South Korea) is the second generation of the range used for passenger cars. Compared to the first generation, it is characterized by a more reliable grip and better behavior on the ice. The tread of the tire contains narrow slots (3D sipes) that increase directional stability on slippery surfaces. The studs on the tires are more evenly distributed, which has a positive effect on the grip properties. Drainage grooves are located at an acute angle, which increases the efficiency of the drainage system.

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Continental IceContact 3

The winter tire rating includes Continental IceContact 3 – premium tires made in Germany for passenger cars and SUVs. Well suited for harsh climates. Compared to their predecessors, the tires are characterized by improved aquaplaning resistance and handling on dry asphalt. Certain Continental IceContact 3 tires (in sizes R17 to R21) are equipped with ContiFlexStud rubberized studs for reduced noise. The rubber compound contains rapeseed oil, which maintains the elasticity of the tread at low temperatures.

The benefits of Continental IceContact 3 tires include:

  • Low noise;
  • Minimal likelihood of aquaplaning;
  • High driving stability;
  • Effective braking.

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In the performance comparison, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9, Michelin X-Ice North 4 and Continental IceContact 3 win out in terms of performance. They are perfectly suited for driving on snowy and icy surfaces.

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