7 simple ways to increase the power of the car, available to everyone

Not all of them are considered budgetary, but some car owners resort to such life hacks.

Updating the software is the first step toward making the cargo noticeably faster, become more powerful, or more fuel-efficient. In specialized technical centers, this service is relatively inexpensive – from three to five thousand rubles. On cars with a large engine capacity or a turbocharger, the service is more expensive – a competent “firmware” will cost seven to eight thousand rubles. It should be noted that all responsibility for the technical consequences of the flashing lies with the owner.

Master tuners usually pre-take a receipt so that there can be no complaints against them. Legal chip tuning in Russia is done by a few car brands, and before thinking about increasing power, you need to consult with a dealer about maintaining the warranty.

What kind of oil should be poured into the engine

Usually, timely service is sufficient for stable engine operation. But to add power, regular maintenance will not be enough. If chip tuning has already been carried out, then the oil recommended by the plant should be changed twice as often, because the characteristics of the engine and the load on it have changed.

It is better to move away from the factory service parameters and change the oil not every ten thousand kilometers, but more often – every three to five thousand kilometers. The constant presence of fresh oil in the engine will allow the car to operate in optimal conditions for longer.

Engine and fuel additives

fuel types for cars

The need to pour additional chemistry into the engine and the fuel tank has been arguing for several years in automotive forums. The main thing you need to know about additives in engine oil is that they are most often used on used cars, when not only the engine but also the car, in general, is worn out. Some of them allow you to slightly increase the compression, others reduce the friction of the pistons against the cylinder walls and partially reduce the likelihood of scoring.

But such additives are produced only by large companies and are not cheap – about six to nine thousand rubles. There is no point in buying cheaper antifriction compounds – they not only change the chemical properties of the fresh original oil, but also often negatively affect the engine’s ability to quickly spin up to maximum speed.

Fuel additives work in much the same way. Some consider them to be a means to remove contaminants in the fuel system, but the cleaning effect is mediocre and it is impossible to clean the gas tank with an additive. But it is possible to increase the octane number of the filled fuel. True, you need to remember that this is a one-time promotion – as soon as the fuel in the tank runs out, you will have to buy the additive again. Space acceleration after the additive is poured into the tank should not be expected, but the engine will run noticeably smoother.

Before using additives, and even more so on a new car, you should consult with any specialized authorized dealer or the hotline of the representative office of this car brand.

Flushing nozzles and replacing spark plugs

The first procedure is also necessary for everyday life if there are no guarantees that the fuel from your favorite gas station is the same as in Europe. Carbon deposits, which accumulate on the elements supplying fuel to the engine, not only reduce the engine thrust but also, getting into the cylinders, is deposited in the form of black soot and burning. If you do not follow this, then the overhaul of the fuel system and the engine is within easy reach. Regular flushing of the injectors guarantees an even supply of fuel and fuel consumption close to the factory.

Replacing spark plugs will not only help the engine run smoother but also behave more consistently under prolonged high loads. In addition, constant replacement of the spark plugs (for example, every 20-30 thousand kilometers or more often) will keep the ignition module in good working order – another expensive element.

Zero resistance filter

car radiator, car engine

The easier the car takes in air from the outside, the easier it is for the engine to “breathe”. Factory filter elements are packed in a plastic box, which serves as a kind of external protection against coarse dirt. Zero resistance filters, on the other hand, are installed without protective elements – this way more air enters the engine, but at the same time it is filtered worse.

Before installation in a regular place, the filter of zero resistance is impregnated with a special compound, the cost of which may exceed the cost of the filter element. Another danger of such filters is that if you do not regularly clean it with special chemicals, dirt and dust from the environment will get directly into the engine.

Speed ​​limiter

The power of most modern cars is limited by software for the sake of the environment. This is done on purpose so that the engine works only in the parameters set at the factory. If the power or responsiveness of the motor is not enough, during chip tuning, you can ask the technician to erase the software speed and rpm limits.

After that, the car will go noticeably faster and will respond to the gas pedal a little faster than usual. We remind you that such changes are carried out by car owners at their own peril and risk. No one will be held responsible for the consequences of the technique and behavior of the machine.

Alternator belt and timing belt replacement

The lower the load on the generator and the engine as a whole, the easier it is for the car to accelerate. This rule is known in any car service, therefore, before increasing the power, the masters must study the condition of the car.

The generator, the compressor of the climate system, and other elements take on some of the engine power through special drives and rollers, so before chip tuning, it is worthwhile to conduct a full inspection of the engine compartment. The generator and the timing mechanism are the first on the list for study since the failure of one of the elements threatens the complete loss of the engine.

For your own peace of mind, before the programmed increase in power, you can change both the timing belt and the generator belt. In addition, after chip tuning, the engine, transmission, and other components begin to work under a completely different load, which affects their resource. That is why they need to be checked and serviced more often.

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