#10 Best Computer Monitors 2024: Advantages and Disadvantages, Reviews, Cost

Computer technology continues to develop rapidly every year. Some users prefer to purchase ready-made sets of products right away. Others find it more convenient to assemble a computer on their own. This is dictated not only by considerations of the economy but also by the desire to customize the system as much as possible for yourself. One of the main such components is the monitor. Therefore, in this rating, we have collected the 10 most popular units, describing their main advantages and disadvantages.

It is important to pay attention to the screen coverage. It can be either glossy or matte. The first option is considered universal. It is suitable for use in any light and copes with a variety of tasks. The color rendition in such cases is natural. High-quality monitors have an anti-reflective coating. In the second case, the colors are brighter, therefore such acquisition is relevant for games and watching movies in low light. However, working with such screens in the sun or under artificial light will be uncomfortable due to a large amount of glare and reflections. Often, a glossy type of coating is used in relation to cheap monitor models.

Matrix response time is the period of time, measured in milliseconds, that pixels take to change color. Monitors with 16-32 ms responses are a thing of the past. For modern developments, an indicator of 2-14 ms is considered acceptable. Accordingly, there is no need to even remember about such a problem as loops on the screen. Typically, the optimal response time for office monitors is 8, for home – 5, and for gaming, this figure is 1-2 ms. But the majority of monitors equipped with IPS, PLS, and VA matrices have a response time of 5 ms.

Comparative table of technical characteristics
In this review, we’ve covered the best monitors to date.

Viewsonic VA2419-sh 23.8″

First of all, buyers note the excellent color rendering. Thanks to the use of IPS, the viewing angle is 178 degrees. The attractive tempered glass stand is another advantage. The thickness, like the weight, is insignificant. The convenient location of the ports contributes to comfortable use. It is possible to place the structure on the wall. The matte screen is another plus and has a tangible effect on the workflow.


Optimal color rendering;
Excellent viewing angle;
The presence of an attractive tempered glass stand;
Low weight and thickness;
Thoughtful port placement;
Matte screen.


HDMI cable not included.

Acer Nitro VG270UPbmiipx 27 ″

A gaming monitor with a good resolution contributes to the achievement of high results in computer games. Thanks to the use of special technology, the frame rate in the game is determined by the video card, and not by the fixed refresh rate of the monitor. This provides a significant competitive advantage. The ergonomic design saves substantial space, allowing multiple more monitors to be placed on the table to create a seamless widescreen display.


Excellent resolution;
The frame rate in the game is determined by the video card;
Ergonomic design
The ability to create a seamless widescreen display.


High price.

Philips 243V7QDSB 23.8 ″

An attractive widescreen monitor suitable for photo and video editing. The acceptable maximum refresh rate provides excellent color reproduction and smooth frame rates, but yellow-in-white shades are noted by some users. This is where built-in color calibration comes in. A good resolution makes it easy to read small fonts or edit small details in a photo. The optimal aspect ratio makes it possible to work on several programs at once.


Good response;
Optimal aspect ratio;
Excellent diagonal;
Decent color rendering;
Smooth turnover of personnel;
Good resolution.


There are complaints of the presence of yellow shades of yellow in white.

BenQ BL2420PT 23.8 ″

The model has the fastest response time among analogs. So, this value is 5 ms. Great for taking photos and playing through some games. The matrix for its money is very high quality. Good factory settings will allow you not to “bother” with the calibration.


Good factory settings;
Fast response time;
Affordable cost;
Great matrix.


Design for an amateur.

AOC I2481FXH 23.8 ″

If you believe the numerous user reviews, the monitor has a high-quality matrix, which is not implemented in every analog. Attractive design and affordable cost make the model very popular. The high quality of workmanship can be seen from the very first minutes of use. As for the shortcomings, some consumers complain about insufficient viewing angles, but for such a price the device is very decent.


Affordable price;
High-quality matrix;
Great design;
Attractive features.


Insufficient viewing angles.

Iiyama ProLite XUB2792QSU-1 27 ″

Buyers in their reviews praise the stand very much. Rubber seals keep the monitor securely on the table. That is why you can change its position without fear. When viewed at a consumer level, the image quality is excellent. Optimal dimensions and high build quality make the model one of the most popular in its price segment. Of the shortcomings, light is noted.


Optimal dimensions;
Excellent image quality.


Some users complain about highlights.

LG 25UM58 25 ″

The model is simply designed for watching modern films and multi-window operation, but at the same time it is included in the budget segment. It is based on a high-quality matrix, where just incredible color rendition. The impressive diagonal and optimal aspect ratio once again attract buyers. The screen resolution is very decent. The maximum refresh rate is more than enough for a comfortable gaming experience. Of course, there is no need to talk about watching films. No less pleasing is the presence of an anti-reflective coating. The monitor is ideal for both work and play, but some are confused by the aspect ratio.


Very low cost;
Good diagonal;
Thoughtful aspect ratio;
High-quality matrix;
Acceptable color rendering;
Resolution 2K;
The anti-reflective coating was provided.


Not found.

Samsung C24F390FHI 23.5 ″

The budget option has an attractive design. At such a price, the monitor has all the best, which ensures acceptable color reproduction and excellent picture resolution. Moreover, various pixel formats are supported. Of the shortcomings, a slightly too large stand is noted.

Cost: from $100 to $150 Dollar.


Excellent performance;
Affordable cost;
Attractive exterior design.


The stand is a little too big.

DELL U2412M 24 ″

One of the few models of the company that has been popular for many years. Even now, the unit remains the benchmark for reliability and color reproduction. If you correctly adjust the image using the calibrator, the product is suitable for both comfortable home use and professional work with photographs. The picture does not change with the change of the viewing angle. Some people think the design is old-fashioned, but this does not prevent the device from confidently standing on its feet. Works not in favor of gamers, but does not exclude the possibility of playing.

Cost: from $150 to $350 Dollar .


Excellent color rendering;
High level of reliability;
The convenience of use;
Easy to install.


Use of outdated technologies.

Xiaomi Mi Surface Display 34 ″

The model rightfully occupies a leading position in our ranking. It has attractive lighting, and the equipment is very rich. The adjustable stand allows you to change the position, adjusting the device to suit you. There is even no need to talk about the quality of the picture and the matrix. The manufacturer has equipped its creation with the finest details, setting the lowest price tag.

Cost: from $150 to $450 Dollar .


Adjustable stand;
Excellent work results.


Not found.

What to look for when buying a good monitor

Most of the users are convinced that the rule of thumb “the more the better” always works flawlessly. However, in the case of the monitor diagonal, this is not entirely the case. This is due to the fact that units with a large diagonal and resolution need the appropriate hardware, which means that the price increases significantly. In addition, the viewing angle plays a very important role. Thus, the larger this value, the less distorted the image will be when viewed from an angle. So how do you choose the best monitor?

A monitor is precisely that component of a PC that is rarely replaced, therefore, the subsequent convenience of work depends on the correct choice. For this reason, experts recommend that you carefully study all the parameters and only then go to the store.

First of all, it is recommended to pay attention to the screen resolution (this is the number of dots in width and height). The higher the indicator, the clearer the picture and the more information the screen can fit. However, it should be understood that the image itself will turn out to be somewhat smaller. This problem is solved by scaling. It is also worth remembering that high-resolution devices will require a powerful graphics card.

As for the matrix, practice shows that the majority of users are interested in IPS-category monitors. However, there is some division here, which should be taken into account. So, it is recommended to start from the range of tasks for which the device is purchased.

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