#10 Best Xiaomi TVs: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Best Models

The company started its start with large diagonals. They, despite their large size, are lightweight. This is due to the use of high-tech materials. These include polycarbonate, metals, and composite alloys. The LCD panels are designed in accordance with the manufacturer’s concept. Everything is in the style of minimalism with the use of rough plastic with narrow frames.

Xiaomi, as a rule, always equips its creations with bright, high-contrast displays with the best-LED backlighting of the latest generation. The brand ditched cheap panels, which allowed it to quickly conquer the market. Moreover, he supplemented his developments with a productive graphics chipset. Thus, the buyer gets a bright, rich picture that does not degrade even when viewed from an acute angle.

The main thing that distinguishes Xiaomi TVs from competitors is convenience to control. The package includes an ergonomic remote control. With it, you can easily navigate menus, change channels, use smart TV and even play games. If we are talking about advanced models, then they are equipped with a touch control panel. There is also a built-in microphone for controlling the TV using voice commands.

Devices from Xiaomi delight with the clear, loud sound of the Dolby standard. This makes it possible to enjoy surround sound without purchasing additional acoustic elements. TVs, like other products that are part of the Mi-family, work on the basis of an adapted shell, which is developed based on Android.

This is a fairly balanced decision, which makes it possible to use the potential of the technical filling. Thus, the consumer receives a bright menu, adapted to his needs, which allows him to appreciate all the advantages of pre-installed applications.

Comparative table of technical characteristics
In this ranking, we have collected the 10 best TVs from Xiaomi.

TOP 10 most popular Xiaomi TVs

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 65 Pro 65 ″ (2016)

The diagonal of the screen is 65 inches, which is a very impressive figure. So, the model is suitable for large rooms, designed for viewing multimedia content, and, unfortunately, there is no digital tuner. Due to the fact that the TV works on the basis of an adapted Android, the services of “Android TV” are offered together with the software of Xiaomi. This provides unlimited access to content. Thanks to the thin bezels, the screen turns out to be limitless, and the metal elements of the case once again emphasize the premium quality of the model. Management is easy and comfortable because the complete set includes a remote control. What’s more, it supports the transmission of voice commands.

Powerful processor;
Sufficient amount of RAM;
The large display has excellent brightness;
Supported 4K format;
Frameless body;
The remote control allows voice control.

Weak legs are provided for horizontal installation;
There is no digital tuner;
The sound comes from regular speakers.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 65 64.5 ″ (2017)

The expensive model impresses with its characteristics and has everything you need for convenient operation. It is characterized as the ideal of modern designs with an impressive diagonal. However, due to its high cost, it is not as popular as previous models.

Good diagonal;
Excellent image quality.

High price.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 43 Pro 42.5 ″ (2017)

The system provides for a Bluetooth connection, which minimizes the number of wires and makes the use of the unit as convenient as possible. The remote control is simple and lightweight; it works from a fairly long distance. The picture is high quality with excellent viewing angles. Of the shortcomings, not very attractive legs are noted. The rest of the TV lives up to user expectations.

Great design;
Wireless connection;
Thoughtful remote control.

Unsuitable feet.

QLED Xiaomi Mi TV 5 65 Pro 65 ″

The model became popular in a very short time. The main thing is that the reviews come across as extremely positive. Thin frames and insignificant thickness of the TV itself make the unit one of the lightest. As you know, the absence of visual cumbersomeness is an important factor when choosing modern technology. One of the main features is 4K video support. Video playback in 8K is also possible. The built-in memory is quite enough for home use.

No quantum dots;
Thin frames;
The insignificant thickness of the TV itself;
A variety of formats are supported;
High-quality image;
Large memory;
8K videos are supported.

Not found.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 Сurved 54.6 ″ (2018)

The main feature of the device is the curved screen. The TV provides excellent picture quality. Brightness and contrast are adjustable according to the user’s preference. This provides excellent picture detail. The Wi-Fi module is built into the device. The controls are intuitive. The system is capable of playing content not only from the Internet but also from external media. For this, the manufacturer has provided all the necessary connectors and holes, and the built-in memory is more than enough for active use.

The controls are intuitive;
Advanced sound system;
Various formats are supported;
Sufficient built-in memory;
Stylish unit design.

Not found.

Xiaomi E43S Pro 43 ″ (2019)

The model has a diagonal of 43 inches at a resolution of 4K. So, you can count on the high definition when viewed from close range. Considering the cost, the unit is rightfully considered one of the best. Most of all, the size and weight are surprising, which cannot be compared with such an impressive diagonal. The panel is made in a minimalist style. A thin bezel is provided only at the bottom. Special technology makes black and other colors more saturated. It is thanks to this that the image becomes as realistic as possible. The response time of the matrix is ​​8 ms, which makes it possible to use the acquisition in amateur computer games.

Slim body;
Low weight;
High-quality matrix;
Good picture quality.

Low speaker power.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 65 T2S 65 ″

The model stands out from the rest with its strict and graceful appearance, which allows it to fit into any interior without any problems. The large screen is equipped with LED backlighting. Thanks to the rich picture, even the smallest details can be seen. Two acoustic speakers are responsible for the sound. It is due to their work that a surround stereo sound is created. The interface is intuitive. This will make it easy to find the setting you want. There is even a standard headphone jack. The remote control contains a minimum number of buttons and also allows voice control.

Attractive exterior design;
Nice diagonal of the screen;
The remote control assumes voice control;
Fast response;
High quality 4K movie playback;
Acceptable cost.

Not the most reliable installation on the legs.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 T2 Global 31.5 ″ (2019)

The budget version with a small diagonal is implemented pleases with its functionality. The compact design provides access to all the capabilities of Mi TV. The device combines impressive performance with a clean interface. The user can use not only the standard control method but also set commands by voice. It makes searching for movies, surfing the Internet, and tuning intuitively simple procedures. Despite its small size, the diagonal is sufficient for comfortable watching movies. The display has a wide viewing angle. Thus, convenience is ensured regardless of the position of the audience.

Affordable cost;
Presentable design;
The remote control is equipped with a voice controller;
Sufficient amount of RAM;
Not a bad processor.

The weak receiver of terrestrial digital television;
The quality of the anti-reflective coating is unacceptable.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 54.6 ″ (2018)

The model pleases with an excellent picture and a good diagonal for an affordable price. The high build quality can be seen in the very first days of operation. As for the remote control, it is very light and made in a minimalist style. On the other hand, you often have to type a test, where the unit is already a little troublesome. Nevertheless, voice input is provided, which greatly simplifies the procedure. Therefore, the above nuance is not such a significant drawback, however, it is very inconvenient for those who like to “chat” with the remote control.

Excellent value for money and quality;
High quality build;
Minimalistic and lightweight remote control;
Voice input.

The remote is not designed for typing.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 43 T2 Global 42.5 ″ (2019)

The body is made entirely of metal. The narrowest dark gray frames are eye-catching. Possibility of wall mounting, as well as installation on legs. The image is bright, with excellent clarity and detail. An acceptable viewing angle makes it possible to watch content from any point. The implementation of an innovative system makes it possible to select content in accordance with personal interests.

Thoughtful dimensions;
Stylish design;
High-quality picture and sound;
Price and quality are optimally matched.

Quick access to settings is not provided;
Not a very convenient remote control.

What to look for when choosing a TV from Xiaomi
When choosing a model, the following nuances should be considered:

  • Screen diagonal. The manufacturer manufactures products from 31.5 inches, designed for rooms from 20 m3. Thus, such a TV can serve as the main one, and be used as an additional one in the bedroom.
  • Screen resolution. The era of 4K format reigns here. There is enough content in the free access, satellite channels appear that support this standard. It is better to give preference to a model with support for UltraHD, so that you do not have to change the device in the near future.
  • The amount of built-in memory. This metric determines the number of movies, music and applications that can be downloaded to the device. It should also be remembered that you can always increase the capacity by installing an external drive.
  • Communication ports. A modern TV should have HDMI, USB and coaxial ports. Ideally, there should be several of them, which will make it possible to connect several units at once. It is important for an advanced system to have a Wi-Fi module for wireless Internet connection. A Bluetooth-system will not be superfluous, which will allow using a wireless mouse, keyboard, joystick and various acoustics.
  • Sound. Practice proves that standard speakers do not have enough power. Normally, 10-16 W acoustics are hidden under the case.

So, when choosing, you should rely on all the above indicators in order to choose the most suitable model that meets the individual needs of each user.

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